Your voice matters

Your voice matters.

Alright – I’m about to get political.  If you’re not into that, please move along. 

Your voice matters.

Your voice matters.

Recently, some very frightening information was leaked from the highest court in the United States.  If true, we are getting closer to a world depicted in The Handmaid’s Tale. 
When it comes to your opinion on Women’s reproductive rights, one thing is clear – we all have different opinions; your voice matters.  I come from the school of “My body, My Choice”. 

You voice matters.


With such a heated debate rising in our country, I did what I felt I could do: To lift MY voice,  I designed some FREE SVGs for you to download and make your own, shirts, bags, mugs, or stickers.  


Your voice matters.
If you’d like these files, click here and enter your info (even if you’ve already subscribed) and you’ll be able to download the zip files.
Don’t have a cutting machine? You're in luck! You can shop here and a portion of proceeds from these items will be donated to Planned Parenthood



Let’s join together and do what we can to make our leaders realize that they have no right to decide what we do with OUR bodies. 



Vote. Your voice matters.  Vote like your life depends on it.

Your voice matters.  Vote. Your voice matters.  Vote.


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