Why screen print tees?

Why screen print tees?

Why Screen Print Tees?

There are a lot of options out there in buying fun shirts.  I fell in love with screen print tees after learning that they can be washed and dried as usual.  I, like many of you, do laundry for my whole family, and I am terrible about pulling stuff out of the wash to let them hang to dry. 

Screen print tees

Knowing that my screen print tee won't peel in the dryer is HUGE!  I love that sometimes the ink cracks or slightly fades (usually white on a dark shirt) giving it a vintage look.  Also, for those of you who like a soft shirt - the ink gets softer as you wash it.  It's perfect for kids and adults with sensory issues.  Check out what I have for you here.

Screen Print Tees


Did you know that I will screen print a shirt that you purchase?  I've had customers buy their own shirts and ship them to me from the retailer.  I've also had them drop them off (local to Delaware County, PA) to screen print.  If's you like to do this - send me a message and we can discuss what you are looking for.  

Screen Print Tees

This is great if you have a loved style from a retailer near you and you want to make it your own by adding a design (Hello v-neck shirts from Target!).


What can I screen print for you? Let me know!


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