T-Shirt Styling (part one)

T-Shirt Styling (part one)

I wear a Left Craft shirt pretty much every day.  I mean I need to advertise, and they a SUPER comfy!

While as a mom, I don't always have to look my best, I do make an effort to look put together (sometimes).  I thought I'd share some of my favorite items that I like to wear with my Screen Print Tees through a few posts like this.  

First up is casual - my favorite jeans are Wit & Wisdom Jeans from Nordstroms, but I found these on Amazon and they get better reviews and are less expensive!  (I call that a win).  I also LOVE all purses by Baggallini and have worn Vans since I was a kid and lived near the original Vans store.  

The items in the image below have affiliate links to purchase items at no extra cost to you.

How do you like to wear your screen print tees?

LC Emo Exh Styling by taryn felmey


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