Fathers Day Hat Left Craft

Custom Father's Day Hat (Revised for 2022)

A Labor of Love

Last year I wrote this post about a project I made for my Dad.  Check it out:

Fathers Day Hat

My Father served in the Data Systems Design Center of the US Air Force in the 1970's.  He only had a sticker with the official seal and had not been successful finding another.  

I knew I was up for the challenge (and I love creating custom items).  I took a picture of the original sticker, uploaded it and converted it into a vector (SVG), and then needed to figure out how to go from there.  I decided that I wanted a patch to make a Father's Day hat for my Dad, and patches4less.com took my SVG and embroidered a patch for me.

Attaching the patch was a challenge.  I tried fabric glue and E6000, but couldn't get a good adhesion.  I gift the hat (which he loved) and then was able to get someone with an embroidery machine to sew the patch on.  My sewing skills are limited to buttons and the occasional hem.  

Fathers Day Hat

I would not have been able to make this Fathers Day hat without the knowledge from 123-SVG from My Designs in the Chaos.  You can find more information about the course here.  

As mentioned before, I love to create custom items.  If you have a gift in mind, send me a message or fill out my custom order request form and we can talk.  


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