January doldrums

January doldrums

Late January is tough. It's cold. It's still getting dark early. It's cold.

Then February, the shortest month of the year arrives, with more cold. But we also have Valentine's day and the often-overlooked, Groundhog day.

I have a story about Groundhog day - I used to go to an annual Groundhog day party. It started as an alternate to Valentine's day, for those who didn't have a Valentine. It morphed to an all day, open house event. Everyone brought food and drinks, we grazed throughout the event. There were photo ops with various groundhog stuffed animals, prizes, and lots of entertaining conversation.

One year I "won" a Punxsutawney t-shirt. It was a 3XL and was so soft - I slept in it for years. Sadly, it died this recently (think Seinfeld and golden boy). The loss of my beloved shirt inspired me to create a new design so I can make a new shirt for myself. It's up on my site to purchase - if you are interested in purchasing the SVG, let me know and I'll get it to you.

I hope that you have a sunny Groundhog day, and a lovely Valentine's day.  



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