It's TWOS-day

It's TWOS-day

It's TWOS-day today and while people are making shirts to wear, I have a hard time making a shirt for a 1-day event that won't happen again.  Maaaaaybe we'll all celebrate 1-1-23???  

March 1st is one week from today!  March 1st is Fat Tuesday, March 17th is St. Patrick's Day and March 21st (3/21) is Downs Syndrome Awareness Day, or Rock Your Socks Day. 

Spring will be here before we know it: baseball, more outside time, allergies.  While I enjoy winter (I think it's the California Girl in me who grew up without snow), I'm noticing that the longer days and warmer temps have me in a better mood lately.  

As far as LeftCraft - I'm working on launching my design shop on Etsy.  I'll be offering my cutting designs (in all foramts) for those of you who have a cut machine.  I have been making lots of shirts and trying to watch All.The.Videos. about screenprinting.  I post a lot of my inspiration on Facebook. 

What designs and/or shirts would you like to see me offer in my shop?



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