What's New at Left Craft

  • Trying out Ikonart Stencils

    Ikonart Stencils Trying out Ikonart Stencils   As you know, I have a passion for screen printing with vinyl, but sometimes there are designs that a...
  • Custom Father's Day Hat (Revised for 2022)

    Follow along while I create a Fathers Day hat inspired by a military sticker.
  • Your voice matters.

    Alright – I’m about to get political.  If you’re not into that, please move along.  Your voice matters. Recently, some very frightening informatio...
  • Custom Shirts for Girl Scout Activities

    Follow along as I work through a custom order from request to finished product.  Left Craft designs custom screen print tees for girl scout activities.
  • Things to do with old t shirts

    Things to do with old t shirts.  I have a few ideas to lighten your clothing load and help the planet.
  • My Favorite Vinyl Craft Supplies

  • Why screen print tees?

    Why Screen Print Tees? There are a lot of options out there in buying fun shirts.  I fell in love with screen print tees after learning that they ...
  • It's TWOS-day

    It's TWOS-day today and while people are making shirts to wear, I have a hard time making a shirt for a 1-day event that won't happen again.  Maaa...
  • January doldrums

    Late January is tough. It's cold. It's still getting dark early. It's cold.

    Then February, the shortest month of the year arrives, with more cold. But we also have Valentine's day and the often-overlooked, Groundhog day.

  • New Year, New Designs

    Happy 2022!  It's a new year and I'm focusing on my business more in 2022.   My plan is  to work on my designs - I don't want to worry about findin...